What is Wiki Loves Monuments:

Wiki Loves Monuments is a photographic contest which improves the visibility of monuments and invites everyone to be a protagonist in the documentation, promotion and conservation of cultural heritage.

What does it mean for Italy:

Wiki Loves Monuments Italy contributes with the involvement of volunteers and institutions to the creation of a list of cultural goods with identification codes released under a free license, to the production of Wikipedia pages and images for Wikimedia Commons. The photos taken in Italy for the contest must follow the “Code Urbani”, the Italian Code of Cultural Heritage and Landscape, which states that to publish a photograph of any Italian monument, even those whose copyright has expired, you must obtain permission from the “legitimate owner”; the permission usually requires the payment of a fee if the pictures are not for personal use. In order to publish pictures of Italian cultural heritage and landscape, people must therefore knock on the door of all the entities involved (Ministry, curators, regions, provinces, metropolitan cities, municipalities and private entities) to discover the legitimate owners. A massive undertaking, but the team of Wikimedia Italy, organizer of the Italian branch of the contest, does not give up and finds a lot of partners.

How to participate:

  1. Log in on Wikimedia Commons or create a new account
  2. Search on the list of Italian monuments the subject of your pictures
  3. Click on the button “Upload image”, next to the description of the monument (in the right column of the table)
  4. Follow the instructions on Wikimedia Commons and upload your photo
  5. Repeat the procedure to upload as many pictures as you wish

Please don't forget the following rules:

  1. You need to have a valid e-mail address
  2. You have to be the author of the pictures you upload
  3. Pictures have to be uploaded during September (from the first of the month ‘till the 30th)
  4. Pictures have to be released under a CC-BY-SA license
  5. The subject of the pictures has to be one of the Italian monuments from the lists
  6. Pictures have to contain the identification code of the depicted monument
  7. You can participate with as many pictures as you wish
  8. You can also participate with old pictures, but you still have to be the author of them